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References from previous Data Center investments


Facebook #2  under construction

The announcement of Luleå 2 should be seen as a further endorsement of the skills, talent and vision of the people of Luleå and Sweden. The city and the country have positioned themselves as leaders in the data center industry and they are rightly gaining global recognition. Together with our friends in Luleå we will continue working on Facebook’s mission; to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.

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Facebook #1  constructed in 2012-2013

After a rigorous review process of sites across Europe, we concluded that Luleå offered the best package of resources – including a suitable climate for environmental cooling, clean power resources, available land, talented regional workforce and supportive business and corporate environment.

Tom Furlong
Vice President Infrastructure, Facebook
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Hydro66  constructed in 2015

Hydro66 chose Node Pole for our new colocation datacenter because truly sustainable low cost power is available at huge scale. Combining the cheapest power in the EU with low ambient temperatures means our colocation clients operational costs are reduced by at least 50%. The region also has some of the best fibre links in Sweden, driven by the presence of Facebook in Luleå. Hydro66 are building out more ultra-efficient datacenter capacity to meet wholesale and retail colocation demand, and we are delighted to recommend the Node Pole region.

Christiaan Keet
CTO of Hydro66
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KnC Boden

KnC Miner  constructed in 2014-2016

Our highly advanced technology consumes a lot of energy, so for us it was imminent to find a production site with access to renewable yet stable and safe energy. We have had an incredible amount of support from The Node Pole representatives, local companies and the government here in Boden.

Sam Cole
Co-founder, KnC Miner
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Fortlax II  constructed 2015

This is an important piece of the puzzle in our development of a unique and world-leading data center.

Anders Berglund
CEO of Fortlax
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SICS ICE phase 1  constructed 2015-2016

We run the datacenter research in Sweden from our new research facility in Luleå close to Luleå University of Technology, the competence node of The Node Pole.

Tor Björn Minde
CEO SICS North Swedish ICT AB
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