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The latest news and press releases from The Node Pole and data center construction in the region.


Swedish Parliament approves lowered tax rates for data centers from January 1st, 2017

Nov 24th, 2016   Press release

[Sweden; November 24th, 2016] The decision taken yesterday by the Swedish legislator lowers the electricity tax rate for data centers in Sweden to 0.005 SEK or USD 0.00054 per kWh. This 97% tax cut will come into effect by January 1st, 2017 and will be applicable to both existing and new data centers exceeding 0.5 […]

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The Node Pole expands in three dimensions – Large energy companies to acquire The Node Pole in its entirety

Oct 19th, 2016   Press release

[The Node Pole; 2016-10-19] Two of Sweden’s largest energy companies, Vattenfall and Skellefteå Kraft, today jointly announce their intentions of acquiring The Node Pole. The news was unveiled at a press conference called by the Swedish data center & cloud investment cluster earlier today. With the new backers onboard, The Node Pole plan is to […]

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The Node Pole blir del i storsatsning på Norra Sverige – Kraftbolag går ihop för att sälja regionen för elintensiva investeringar

Oct 19th, 2016   Press release

[The Node Pole; 2016-10-19] ”Ett stort steg för The Node Pole och en stor möjlighet för norra Sverige!”, så sammanfattar styrelseordförande Peter Ericson beskedet om att ägarna till The Node Pole kommit överens med kraftbolagen Vattenfall och Skellefteå Kraft om ett förvärv av organisationen – som del av målet att marknadsföra och utveckla hela norra […]

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Power & Infrastructure

Europe's lowest electricity prices, a green stable grid and highly developed communications infrastructure.


Safety & Stability

One of the most secure and stable places in the world — geologically, politically, socially, economically and digitally.


Community & Competence

The hottest investment region in Sweden, with entrepreneurship, cutting-edge technology, and world-leading companies.


Climate & Cooling

We are at the same latitude as Fairbanks, Alaska, USA, with a climate perfect for data centers.