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The latest news and press releases from The Node Pole and data center construction in the region.



Significant reduction of electricity tax for larger data centers included in the Budget Bill

Sep 20th, 2016   News

On September 20th 2016 the Swedish government submitted the Budget Bill to the parliament (Riksdag). According to the Budget Bill, data centers with an installed effect of minimum 0.5 MW will pay 0.5 öre/kWh (0.005 SEK or USD 0.0006/kWh). The Riksdag is now processing the Budget Bill and finalises the central government budget later this […]

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Mark Zuckerberg Releases Rare Photos of Facebook’s Luleå Data Center

Sep 28th, 2016   In the media
Source: Observer

Curious what the world’s most advanced data center looks like? Mark Zuckerberg just gave us a peek inside Facebook’s Luleå data center. In a Facebook post this afternoon, he shared 16 photos as the first installment of a series of “rare photos of the most advanced technology Facebook is building around the world,” promising we can expect […]

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SICS ICE Data Center in The Node Pole is expanding

Sep 15th, 2016   News

SICS ICE, where ICE stands for Infrastructure and Cloud datacenter test Environment, is a Swedish national data center facility for test and experiment activities concerning big data and cloud technologies. The facility is located in The Node Pole region, and managed as a partnership between SICS North Swedish ICT and Luleå University of Technology. The […]

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