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Hydro66 colocation


Hydro66 colocation

Hydro66 colocation data center. Hydroelectric powered data center providing smart colocation for Europe.


Owner Hydro66
Location Hydrogränd 2, Boden
Lat 65.804868 Long 21.685328
Distances 33 km, 30 minutes by car to Facebook data center
43 km, 40 minutes by car to Airport
34 km, 30 minutes by car to Luleå University of Technology Main campus
Walking distance to Boden hydro power station

The Hydro66 colocation hosting facility has been designed to revolutionise the impact of data centres on the environment. The company is dedicated to offering ground-breaking colocation services which dramatically reduce the environmental impact of power-hungry IT services, whilst simultaneously slashing associated operational costs compared to traditional data centres.

Hydro driven lowest possible carbon footprint

Our electricity is provided exclusively from local hydroelectric power stations (3.5GW capacity) which do not emit any CO2 during electricity production. This means that the energy consumption of any equipment that you host in our facility contributes absolutely zero to your carbon footprint, giving significant carbon credit advantages. Our data centre construction process was also designed to be as green as possible following LEED requirements. Regionally supplied recycled and natural products have been used where possible by our local contractors and engineers in our next generation composite hybrid construction.

Incredible connectivity

Benefiting from the natural cool climate and 100% green power of a sub-Arctic location doesn’t mean compromising on connectivity. Located in the heart of a former Swedish military base our carrier neutral data centre in Boden has 4 separate fibre ducts on different physical paths from Telia Carrier, Cinia, Tele2 and TDC.

Multiple, diverse dark and lit fibre routes back to Stockholm and Helsinki and to the major exchanges in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris and the London area can be provisioned from 100Mbps to 1Tbps and beyond. With the cost of power and the cost of bandwidth rapidly diverging in opposite directions it now makes logical, financial and environmental sense to ship photons, not electrons.

Arctic cooling – 66th parallel north means 99% free cooling

Traditional data centres waste huge amounts of power on cooling equipment. Our location just 60km south of the Arctic Circle (66° North) has an average temperature of 2°C meaning we can rely on totally natural free air cooling supplemented, if necessary, by evaporative cooling on the warmest days of the year. Our PUE is always less than 1.05; fans and other overheads add <5% to the core IT load.

Combining increased efficiency with extremely low electricity costs reduces typical spend on power by more than 50% compared to equivalent costs in traditional centres, better for you, your CFO and the environment.

Total flexibility – choose your SLG and resilience configuration

The regional power grid last suffered an outage in 1979, with 4 regional grids converging on the area and 17 hydroelectric plants this is hardly surprising. Our DC is directly fed from a 120MW substation on adjacent land. For some of our clients advanced power conditioning and UPS alone is enough, for others we can supply full generator resilience – our multi-datahall design allows us to configure server rooms to customers’ exact requirements. You can have the environment exactly as your kit requires, balancing PUE against the needs of your equipment. Add UPS, Generator and traditional chillers if you feel you need it, leave them out and save money if you don’t.