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Fortlax colocation


Fortlax colocation

Fortlax colocation data center. Secure, world-class data storage. Powered by 100% renewable hydropower.

Fortlax I

Location Fortlax I Lat: 65.265850 Long: 21.384031

Fortlax I was built by the Swedish Army for surveillance purposes. The property is 21,000 sq.m. in total with 1,800 sq.m. buildings.

Fortlax offers a portfolio of services such as secure and monitored on line backup, persistent and reliable long-term storage, disaster and recovery planning. The facility is fully redundant in terms of power, cooling and internet access.

In addition to meeting the high standards in physical and perimeter protection the data center is shielded against Compromising Emanations (CE, Swedish: RöS) as well as Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP). The facility is also designed to withstand physical attacks (gas, gunfire etc).

The current building structures are 1 800 m2 located on a land area of 21 000 m2 with a further 370 000 m2 for expansion.

Fortlax II

Location Fortlax II Lat: 65.336550 Long: 21.423123

Fortlax II is a brand new 1 MW, 1000 sq.m. data center. This new colocation facility host Fortlax’ enterprise clients. The facility is powered by 100% renewable hydropower.
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Fortlax has around 400 clients and welcomes new international and domestic clients.