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Canaan Creative to open its first data center outside of China in Boden, The Node Pole

Feb 9th, 2017   Press release

Chinese tech company Canaan Creative moves into Boden and the Swedish data center region The Node Pole. Canaan is a world-leading producer of blockchain solutions and ASIC microprocessors – and the first Chinese company within the sector to open a data center in Europe.

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Swedish Parliament approves lowered tax rates for data centers from January 1st, 2017

Nov 24th, 2016   Press release

[Sweden; November 24th, 2016] The decision taken yesterday by the Swedish legislator lowers the electricity tax rate for data centers in Sweden to 0.005 SEK or USD 0.00054 per kWh. This 97% tax cut will come into effect by January 1st, 2017 and will be applicable to both existing and new data centers exceeding 0.5 […]

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The Node Pole expands in three dimensions – Large energy companies to acquire The Node Pole in its entirety

Oct 19th, 2016   Press release

[The Node Pole; 2016-10-19] Two of Sweden’s largest energy companies, Vattenfall and Skellefteå Kraft, today jointly announce their intentions of acquiring The Node Pole. The news was unveiled at a press conference called by the Swedish data center & cloud investment cluster earlier today. With the new backers onboard, The Node Pole plan is to […]

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The Node Pole blir del i storsatsning på Norra Sverige – Kraftbolag går ihop för att sälja regionen för elintensiva investeringar

Oct 19th, 2016   Press release

[The Node Pole; 2016-10-19] ”Ett stort steg för The Node Pole och en stor möjlighet för norra Sverige!”, så sammanfattar styrelseordförande Peter Ericson beskedet om att ägarna till The Node Pole kommit överens med kraftbolagen Vattenfall och Skellefteå Kraft om ett förvärv av organisationen – som del av målet att marknadsföra och utveckla hela norra […]

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German Premium automotive company selects Swedish data center Fortlax

Mar 23rd, 2016   Press release

[The Node Pole, Sweden; March 23, 2016) Swedish data center company Fortlax today announces BMW Group as a new client. Fortlax’s high security data center is run on 100% renewable hydro energy and will provide BMW Group with high performance computing hosting and services – and the setup work starts as of immediately. Today’s news coincides with the overall […]

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Deutscher Premium-Automobilhersteller wählt schwedisches Rechenzentrum Fortlax aus

Mar 23rd, 2016   Press release

[The Node Pole, Schweden; 23 März 2016] Der schwedische Rechenzentrumsbetreiber Fortlax gewinnt die BMW Group als neuen Kunden. Das Hochsicherheits-Rechenzentrum von Fortlax wird mit 100% erneuerbarer Hydroenergie betrieben und stellt der BMW Group High Performance Computing (HPC) Hosting und Services zur Verfügung – die Arbeiten starten umgehend. Diese Meldung spiegelt auch die insgesamt wachsende Nachfrage nach dynamischen, sicheren und umweltbewussten Rechenzentrums-Leistungen […]

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Tysk fordonsjätte väljer Sverige – Lägger ’superdatatjänster’ hos Fortlax i The Node Pole

Mar 23rd, 2016   Press release

[The Node Pole; 2016-03-23] Svenska datacenterföretaget Fortlax, beläget i Piteå och inom datacenterregionen The Node Pole, bekräftar idag att man ingått ett partnerskap såsom leverantör av så kallade superdatatjänster till BMW Group. Arbetet med att skräddarsy och inrätta lösningar till BMW Group startar omedelbart. Dagens nyhet kan ses i skenet av ett globalt skifte gentemot en ökad molnhantering av […]

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The Node Pole gears up with top industry talent – and approaches the cloud consumer

Jan 4th, 2016   Press release

[The Node Pole; 2016-01-04] Swedish data center & cloud computing cluster The Node Pole today announces the assignment of two new top-tier senior officers: Renowned innovation expert Karin Nilsdotter, as well as industrial process developer Josefin Hedberg are now onboard and will be talking green data at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Jan 6th through […]

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KnC builds new data center in The Node Pole – gamifies recruitment process

Dec 11th, 2015   Press release

Blockchain infrastructure provider KnC today announced plans to build another data center in Boden – the Blockchain computing community within The Node Pole. This was unveiled by CEO Sam Cole during the opening ceremony of the Arctic Chain Hackathon today. The new data center, which will be KnC’s fourth data center in The Node Pole, […]

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Hydro66 opens worlds first 100% hydro-powered colocation data centre

Oct 29th, 2015   Press release

Magdalena Andersson, Finance Minister of Sweden, opens ultra-green and ultra-efficient hosting adjacent to Facebook’s data centre in northern Sweden Hydro66 Svenska AB, based in London UK, today announces the unveiling of a 1000 square meter 3.2MW specialist data centre facility in Boden, Sweden, which dramatically reduces the cost model for secure enterprise colocation hosting with […]

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Government study finalized: Suggests massive cuts in electricity taxes for datacenters in Sweden

Oct 12th, 2015   Press release

A 97% reduction in electricity taxation for datacenters – this is the proposal by a government commissioned study on October 9 handed in to the Swedish Ministry of Finance. Sweden is aspiring to become “the home of the internet” as global demand for Cloud solutions surges. The investigation especially highlights the need of the tax harmonization […]

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Fortlax Data Center expand with new 1 MW facility in The Node Pole

Jun 24th, 2015   Press release

Swedish data center provider Fortlax expands by building a new 1 MW, 1000 m² data center in The Node Pole in northern Sweden. This new colocation facility will host Fortlax’ enterprise clients. The facility is powered by 100% renewable hydropower. Fortlax was founded in 2004 and now has more than 400 clients in its existing […]

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KnCMiner to build new 20MW greenfield datacenter in The Node Pole

Jun 4th, 2015   Press release

The blockchain capacity provider KnCMiner has seen rapid success since the foundation in 2013. Today KnCMiner announces a further expansion, building a new 20MW green hydro powered data center in Boden, Sweden – part of The Node Pole. – Leading the way forward in one of the most rapidly expanding global markets is an equally […]

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KnC Miner to build a 20 MW datacenter in The Node Pole

Nov 4th, 2014   Press release

Global Bitcoin mining equipment company KnC Miner has decided to grow their business with a 20 MW datacenter in Boden, in The Node Pole region near the Arctic Circle in Sweden. The investment – called Boden 2 – bring their site to a total of 30 MW and 15 000 square meters. The new datacenter will […]

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Hydro66 & The Node Pole announce construction of 8,000m2 Ultra Green Arctic Data Centre

Oct 22nd, 2014   Press release

Hydro66, a provider of next generation green data centres, announces it is building a new 8,000m2 data centre in Boden, northern Sweden. The modular data centre will be built on a 46,000m2 site and will be served by a new fully redundant 145kV 120MW substation. Green Philosophy “We are building a green data centre which […]

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Boden Hydro 2000 px

New 120MW substation enables further data center investments in The Node Pole

Oct 22nd, 2014   Press release

Boden Energy, the local utility company in Boden, and Vattenfall, the regional power distribution company, are investing in a new 120 MW substation with full redundancy at the data center site called Helicopter Air Base in Boden in northern Sweden. The Helicopter Air Base-area is a ready-to-build site of over 60 hectares, tailor-made for data […]

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TeliaSonera boosts capacity for data centers in The Node Pole

May 30th, 2014   Press release

On Wednesday, Sweden’s main telecom operator TeliaSonera announced it will lay down more than a thousand kilometers of new fiber cable through the north of Sweden to boost capacity for its long-haul network in the region. The company cites the region’s growing data center industry as a major driver. “We are now investing around EUR […]

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Hydro66 to build new wholesale data centre in The Node Pole region

May 13th, 2014   Press release

Hydro66, a London UK company, today announces that it has made a significant investment in Boden, located in The Node Pole region, close to the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden, with the unveiling of a specialist data centre facility. The new data centre will be operational from 14 May 2014.

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Facebook to build second data center

Mar 7th, 2014   Press release

Less than a year after setting up a first data center in Sweden, Facebook now reveals plans of starting construction of a second data center shortly. The second building will be situated adjacent to the existing center and house some of the latest innovations within technology and energy efficiency.

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Facebook bygger sitt andra datacenter i Luleå

Mar 6th, 2014   Press release

Mindre än ett år efter att Facebooks första datacenter i Luleå invigdes offentliggör nu bolaget att de startar bygget av ett andra datacenter i inom kort. Den andra byggnaden kommer ligga i anslutning till den befintliga och vara i framkant när det gäller teknik och energieffektivitet.

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KnC Miner to build 10 MW datacenter

Feb 6th, 2014   Press release

Global Bitcoin mining equipment company KnC Miner is currently in full progress setting up a
10 MW datacenter in The Node Pole region, near the Arctic Circle in Sweden. The operations are to be run from Boden – a town in close vicinity to Facebook’s European datacenter – in a facility previously used as a helicopter hangar for the Swedish armed forces. The datacenter is to be used for cloud services and for hosting of specialised Bitcoin mining hardware to a global client-base.

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Google buys Swedish wind power in The Node Pole

Jun 19th, 2013   Press release

Google buys clean Swedish wind power for its Finnish data center in Hamina. The company will use the renewable energy produced near the Arctic Circle in The Node Pole region to power its new data center in Finland for the next 10 years. The project already has all relevant planning approvals and permits and construction is planned to start the coming month.

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Northern Sweden Experiencing A “Facebook Effect”

Oct 25th, 2012   Press release

Following a year of construction work, the datacenter is taking shape and is getting closer to being operational. Already in the first year of construction, the local community in Lulea has started to notice a “Facebook effect”.

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Facebook builds first European data center in Luleå

Oct 26th, 2011   Press release

In October 2011, Facebook announced that the social network will locate its new data center in The Node Pole. The Luleå Data Center will consist of three server buildings with an area of 28 000 m2 (300 000 ft2) each.

Construction takes place in three phases and began instantly. The data center will be Facebook’s third, and the first one outside the US. It will also be the northernmost data center of its size in the world.

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Facebook bygger sitt första Europeiska datacenter i Luleå

Oct 25th, 2011   Press release

Idag offentliggör Facebook att bolaget kommer bygga sitt tredje egna datacenter i Luleå. Datacentret blir bolagets första i Europa och kommer serva över 800 miljoner Facebookanvändare.

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