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The Node Pole – the cloud frontier of Europe

Sustainable cloud growth happens where nature’s combined forces and competitive cluster actors work hand in hand. The Node Pole is a region, a cluster and a support organization. In what we like to call our holistic orchestration, The Node Pole is able to offer optimized planning, time-to-market and local leverage which is second to none in the world.

The Node Pole region

The Node Pole region encompasses four municipalities in the very north of Sweden, just by the Arctic Circle. The area is known for its cool climate, renewable energy sources and having Europe’s lowest electricity prices. The Node Pole region is as of today home to ten data centers (run by Facebook, Hydro66, Fortlax and SICS among others).

The region has earned the epithet The Node Pole due to its northern position and emergence as a global hub for data traffic and data management innovations. The Node Pole simply holds the perfect conditions to create bespoke solutions for high tech, electricity intensive construction such as data centers.

The region does not just offer low electricity prices and sustainable energy, it also holds a long history of academic R&D and advanced primary industries. The area is home to Luleå University of Technology, which conducts research in close cooperation with companies such as Bosch, Ericsson, Scania, LKAB and SKF. Luleå University of Technology enables The Node Pole cluster to offer world premiere digital infrastructures and high tech labor forces – as well as a dedicated cloud research data center.

The Node Pole Alliance

The Node Pole Alliance is our dedicated network of cloud, technology and construction partners. By joining knowledge and experience from a wide set of industries – our cluster of Alliance partners ensures leading time to market with your cloud investment in focus.

The Alliance partners share the belief of The Node Pole being the ideal location for data centers and high tech industry. In the Node Pole cluster, we have proven ability and capacity to deliver with leading time-to-market and quality and time assurance throughout the process.

Regardless of your needs at hand, we ensure you a successful and smooth journey.

Reasons to invest in The Node Pole

Doing business here is unusually simple. We have a natural integrity, we know each other and building fruitful networks is facilitated by short distances between people. We also work closely with Business Sweden, the official Swedish trade and invest council, and their team of ICT-professionals.

We offer several identified site locations, with the possibility to harness the regional qualities and create bespoke location solutions. We are happy to share our knowledge and provide in-depth consultancy tailored to your specific needs.

Perfect conditions for Data Center Investments

  • The Node Pole region is one of the most geologically, politically and socially stable areas in the world.
  • Europe’s lowest electricity prices
  • Extremely high redundancy in the stable electricity grid
  • 100% renewable hydropower
  • Fresh air cooling all year round
  • Political & geological stability
  • Sweden is number one for technology readiness, ICT use and broadband quality in Europe
Intellectual Infrastructure & Data Center Knowledge

  • Proven ability to deliver for international investors
  • Active network with world-leading partners – The Node Pole Alliance
  • Regional eco-system
  • Talented workforce
  • 100 years experience in delivery of critical facilities


Non-profit – through four municipalities

The Node Pole is a non-profit agency guiding investors to northern Sweden. We work on behalf of the region of Norrbotten and the four municipalities Boden, Luleå, Piteå and Älvsbyn. Our owners are Luleå Business Agency, Norrbotten County Council and the three municipalities of Boden, Luleå and Piteå. The County Administrative Board of Norrbotten is also an important partner to us. Read more about our partners here.