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SICS ICE Data Center in The Node Pole is expanding

Sep 15th, 2016   News

SICS ICE, where ICE stands for Infrastructure and Cloud datacenter test Environment, is a Swedish national data center facility for test and experiment activities concerning big data and cloud technologies. The facility is located in The Node Pole region, and managed as a partnership between SICS North Swedish ICT and Luleå University of Technology.

The first phase of the test facility has been operational since January 2016, and SICS ICE is now being expanded when they are buildning a second module in the data center.
– This is the second step in order to be a leader in big data and data center research in Europe, says Tor Björn Minde, CEO at SICS North Swedish ICT AB and adjunct Professor at Luleå University of Technology.

SICS North Swedish ICT has chosen Data Center Technology Sverige AB, who also delivered the first module, as their main supplier for the expansion. Other partners and suppliers in the new extension are Eitech, SEE Cooling, Bergvik Flooring, Siemon, Eurotech, Schleifenbauer and HÖ Allbygg.

Data Center Technology delivers a new complete room-in-room solution with maximum flexibility.
– The first phase meant that we started to offer experimental services. The expansion with the second module makes it possible to offer more services and provide an even greater flexibility. When all is developed in this first phase, we will work with an experimental area of total 400 square meters, 240 kW and 30 racks, says Tor Björn Minde.
– The environment in The Node Pole region brings advantages with cheap, efficient and renewable energy, but also very good conditions to deliver leading solutions through collaboration with local specialized suppliers and subcontractors. This shows the strength of locating data to northern Sweden and The Node Pole in particular, says Peder Treschow, Data Center Technology AB.

For more information:
Tor Björn Minde, CEO SICS North Swedish ICT
+46 70 624 29 59
Peder Treschow, Data Center Technology AB
+46 70 544 72 01

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