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German Premium automotive company selects Swedish data center Fortlax

Mar 23rd, 2016   Press release

[The Node Pole, Sweden; March 23, 2016) Swedish data center company Fortlax today announces BMW Group as a new client. Fortlax’s high security data center is run on 100% renewable hydro energy and will provide BMW Group with high performance computing hosting and services – and the setup work starts as of immediately. Today’s news coincides with the overall growing market demand for dynamic, secure and green data computing.

[Press release also available in German and Swedish]

After a diligent site and partner procurement process, The BMW Group has selected the high security data center Fortlax to host so called High Performance Computing clusters (HPC) from Sweden. HPC clusters are used for demanding computing simulations and Big Data analysis, e.g. when designing new cars or when setting up common cloud computing platforms for large companies.

The Fortlax data center company, today a growing market player with great ambitions, is located in the The Node Pole data center region in the north of Sweden. With around 400 clients consisting of a wide array of actors, from government authorities to e.g. large European energy supplier E.ON, but also a number of smaller national actors, Fortlax is expanding alongside other global data center players such as Facebook. Fortlax’s business model is to provide scalable and cost-efficient solutions to clients with particularly high demands for security, quality and sustainability – but also cost.

Fortlax’s CEO Anders Berglund comments on today’s news:
“We are very glad to be able to welcome the highly esteemed BMW Group into our region” says Anders. “Securing a partner with such high standards for quality and security is indeed an important milestone in our long term development as a company as well as a fantastic opportunity for our entire business region and for our local community”.

Today’s news can also be seen in the light of an ongoing trend where global corporations throughout several industries are now shifting their data handling into more efficient cloud models.
“Lately we have noticed a great increase in the number of inquiries from particularly the German market, where energy is scarce and where costs are up to three times as high compared to what we can offer. In this light, I also think today’s news is a premonition of further things to come” concludes Anders Berglund.

As of recent, Fortlax has expanded its facilities in partnership with data center design company Enaco and Piteå Municipality, establishing a second 1000 square meter (10,764 square foot) data center. The new facility opened in November 2015.

For more information, please contact:
Anders Berglund
Chief Executive Officer, Fortlax
+46 703 49 29 21

Magnus Wikman
Business Establishment Manager, Piteå Municipality
+46 703 89 60 08

Erik Lundström
Chief Executive Officer, The Node Pole
+46 702 40 24 40

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About Fortlax
Fortlax is a high security colocation and cloud provider based just outside Piteå in the Swedish data center region The Node Pole. Established in 2004, Fortlax provides secure, scalable and dynamic data handling services catered to customers with high demands of factors such as security, sustainability and cost-efficiency. Fortlax has an approximate 400 clients, consisting of a wide array of actors from government authorities and large global corporations, to small and mid-sized organizations. Fortlax’s two standalone facilities are run by 100% renewable hydro and wind powered energy – sourced from the nearby Lule river and producing an abundance of energy fit for scalable energy intensive services such as cloud infrastructure provision. As of 2015, Fortlax unveiled a new top-tier data center, Fortlax F2 – designed in cooperation with industry expert Enaco. Read more at

About The Node Pole
The Node Pole region encompasses four municipalities in the very north of Sweden, just by the Arctic Circle. The cluster is as of today home to +10 data centers (run by Facebook among others). The Node Pole also encompasses The Node Pole Alliance: +80 data and data center management companies (Schneider Electrics, Cisco, Flextronics, among others) and has numerous global data service clients – as well as joint market and university cloud computing R&D data center initiative SICS ICE. The region has earned the epithet The Node Pole due to its northern position and emergence as a global hub for data traffic and data management innovations. Sweden enjoys one of the lowest electricity pricings in Europe and one of the world’s premiere digital infrastructures and high tech labor forces. The region is one of the most geologically, politically and socially stable areas in the world.