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Archive for 28 September, 2015

Pär Jonsson, Head of Business Development at the Municipality of Älvsbyn;
Erik Lundström, CEO The Node Pole, Magnus Nordström, Municipal Chief
Executive and Helena Öhlund, Mayor of Älvsbyn.

The Node Pole expands its international offer

Sep 28th, 2015   News

The municipality of Älvsbyn joins the data center investment region The Node Pole. The municipality thereby becomes part of the established collaboration between The Node Pole and the municipalities of Luleå, Boden and Piteå. The new site covers 84 acres – equivalent to 50 soccer fields. With access to 80 MW of renewable energy, it […]

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The Node Pole the site of Facebook first datacenter outside the U.S

Sep 26th, 2015   In the media
Source: USPA

The Node Pole is a Hi-Tech hub in Lulea (Northern Sweden) and the site of Facebook’s first datacentre outside the United States, the warehouse opened in 2013. Facebooks has four giant datacentres in the United States. The newest being located at Fort Worth in Texas… Read more…

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Facebook: Inside the social media giant’s data centre where your ‘likes’ are recorded

Sep 25th, 2015   In the media
Source: The Independent

If you have used Facebook today there is a very good chance your “posts” and “likes” will have been recorded at a nondescript warehouse in the far north of Sweden, just 70 miles from the Arctic Circle. Read more…

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The node pole: inside Facebook’s Swedish hub near the Arctic Circle

Sep 25th, 2015   In the media
Source: The Guardian

Remote datacentre in Luleå cools itself using freezing outside air, has a fence to keep moose out and processes your selfies. From the outside, it looks like an enormous grey warehouse. Inside, Read more…

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