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Vattenfall invests in The Node Pole

Sep 29th, 2014   News

Vattenfall, Sweden’s state owned energy company and one of Europe’s largest hydro power producers, has announced its continued investment in Luleå as the principal location for around 300 employees over the next 15 years.

“With this new investment, Vattenfall will be close to prospective employees, world-class research at the university and, of course, some of our key customers. It will give us a good platform to develop both our existing business and new business areas in the future,” says Christer Ljunggren, Head of Vattenfall Hydro.

Vattenfall’s office in Luleå accommodates the majority of Vattenfall’s business units, including Hydro, Distribution, Wind, Heat, Services and Sales.

“For Luleå and The Node Pole, access to electricity is key to our industry and the new data centres that are springing up. Vattenfall is a major player in this context for Luleå itself and the province of Norrbotten in general. Vattenfall’s new office is part of the ongoing creation of an energy cluster linked to Luleå University of Technology and Luleå Science Park,” says councillor Yvonne Stålnacke.

This investment is also of great significance to the growing data center industry in the region.

“Vattenfalls investment in a new office in Luleå is in line with the importance northern Sweden has for the Nordic power infrastructure, where Lule river stands for roughly 10% of Sweden’s produced electricity”, says Oskar Almén, responsible for Vattenfalls Data Center Initiative.

“It is a proof of our long term commitment and continuous investment into the power infrastructure, which is the backbone of industrial growth and the regions unique position as the perfect location for sustainable business”, he concludes.