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Facebook in Luleå recognized by Greenpeace

Apr 15th, 2014   News

Greenpeace’s recent report “Clicking clean – How companies are creating the green Internet” highlights Facebook as a good example for choosing Luleå for their European data center location in 2011.

According to a Greenpeace research conducted several years ago, data centers are voracious users of electrical power as they at that point accounted for 2 % of the global power demand. The current figure is likely to be higher and is expected to rise in the future as more data will be stored and processed at data centres.

The “Clicking Clean” report recognizes Facebook to have made huge strides forward since 2012 to become one of the clear green Internet leaders. Facebook were one of the first companies to publicly announce a preference for renewable energy supply when siting its data centre infrastructure in 2011.

The social network subsequently selected Luleå, which is powered by 100% hydropower, for its next data center. The data center runs entirely on renewable energy generated by nearby hydroelectric schemes.

Source, Greenpeace report.



Options for grid-supplied renewable electricity for a data center operator depend upon the location of the data center, its proximity to available renewable energy generation capacity, and the investment strategy of the respective utility. High availability of low-cost hydroelectric or renewable sources of energy has led many companies to locate in the Pacific Northwest in the US (hydropower), Iceland (geothermal), and Sweden (hydro and wind). Source: Greenpeace.