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Archive for 6 February, 2014

Cold, Virtual Cash: A Bitcoin Mining Center for Sweden

Feb 6th, 2014   In the media
Source: The Wall Street Journal

While Sweden’s large mining-equipment companies are suffering from low demand, another type of mining there has struck gold. Read more…

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Bitcoin Miners Building 10 Megawatt Data Center in Sweden

Feb 6th, 2014   In the media
Source: Data Center Knowledge

Facebook has new neighbors in Sweden, and they’re building Bitcoin’s version of the Death Star – a 10 megawatt data center filled with high-powered computers mining for cryptocurrency. Read more…

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KnC Miner to build 10 MW datacenter

Feb 6th, 2014   Press release

Global Bitcoin mining equipment company KnC Miner is currently in full progress setting up a
10 MW datacenter in The Node Pole region, near the Arctic Circle in Sweden. The operations are to be run from Boden – a town in close vicinity to Facebook’s European datacenter – in a facility previously used as a helicopter hangar for the Swedish armed forces. The datacenter is to be used for cloud services and for hosting of specialised Bitcoin mining hardware to a global client-base.

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