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Archive for 31 October, 2011

Facebook cuts back on generators in Sweden

Oct 31st, 2011   News

“There are so many hydro plants connected to the regional grid that generators are unneeded,” said Jay Park, Facebook’s Director of Datacenter Engineering. Read this Datacenter Knowledge article about how Facebook are reducing the number of backup generators by 70 percent at the Luleå data center

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Facebook builds first European data center in Luleå

Oct 26th, 2011   Press release

In October 2011, Facebook announced that the social network will locate its new data center in The Node Pole. The Luleå Data Center will consist of three server buildings with an area of 28 000 m2 (300 000 ft2) each.

Construction takes place in three phases and began instantly. The data center will be Facebook’s third, and the first one outside the US. It will also be the northernmost data center of its size in the world.

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Facebook bygger sitt första Europeiska datacenter i Luleå

Oct 25th, 2011   Press release

Idag offentliggör Facebook att bolaget kommer bygga sitt tredje egna datacenter i Luleå. Datacentret blir bolagets första i Europa och kommer serva över 800 miljoner Facebookanvändare.

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